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Via seating

Via seating was founded by Thomas Sorensen to set out to break the norm. Via has set in place the systems with single minded determination and a clear objective. It has provided exceptional office chairs to the users. You can have world class and first class seating from this company. You can have high quality office seating at very low price. There are many options included in these chairs for the comfort of the users. You can have any chair with any option within 28 hours which is unbelievable. You can have your own designs and styles in these chairs. These chairs are fir for any users as these chairs are available in different sizes. You can be able to make different adjustments in these chairs.

Via swopper chairs have come with sleek voss full scale. You can also have Heathrow Big and tall chairs. These chairs can be good for big and tall people. These chairs are the best ergonomic chairs for you. There is riva ergonomic task chair made specifically for the comfort looking users. Via swopper special edition has come up with excellent features. You can make different adjustments in these chairs. You can have neutral and regular movement of different body parts while sitting.

The unique mechanism of via seating has solved back and neck problems for the users. These chairs can be used in offices as well as at homes. You can have quick and easy ergonomic adjustments with the help of these chairs. There are integrated controls included in these chairs which have eliminated different problems for the users. You can have great balance with balance adjustment option in these chairs. The designs of these chairs are elegant with different colors. These chairs have become great choice for the office users. Via seating has provided the best solution of seating with different variation and movements. Via mesh chairs are great example of excellence allowing excellent movement to the body. You can make seat adjustment very easily with the help of lumber support in these chairs. There are many customizable options available with different controls. These chairs are really good ergonomic chairs. Tera, Brisbane and Riva are the great products of the Via seating. The price of these chairs is very low and made with the latest technology. It has broken the tradition of making office chairs within two months and these chairs can be made within 48 hours which is a great pride of Via.

These chairs are available with the adjustable height and width arm. Executive and conference via seating is available in the following brands.

It offers full scale High and mid Back chairs and Mid scale high and mid back chairs also.

It offers high back, mid back / guest.

It offers full scale high back, mid scale high back and mid back / guest.

If offers full and mid scale high back chairs with mid back guest chairs.

It offers high back, mid back and guest.

It offers full scale high back executive and mid scale high back chairs.

It offers high back, mid back and guest.

It offers high back and low back small seat / guest also.

It offers high back, low back with small seal / guest.

It offers high back, mid back / guest.

It offers low back small seat, mid back medium seat and high back large seat.

Some of the operational tasks are as under:

It consists of high back, low back small seat / guest.

It consists of mid back medium seat and high back large seat.

It consists on low back small seat, mid back medium seat and high back large seat.

Guest / Stack are found as under:

It consists with Cali plastic & Wood seat and back and Cali color seat and back.

It consists of black & gray frames with arms and glides. It also has both above with casters also.

The chairs have knee tilt control, posture back control, syncro control with forward tilt and seat sliders. While ordering on line you can even check the status. Full services and support is available for the customers.

Standard Voss management / conference chairs have swing back with adjustable height of arm with PU Pad.