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Ergonomic Keyboard Platforms


Many varieties mouse trays are available with high-end keyboard systems. They many options, you can choose the single / dual mouse models which are independently adjustable from the keyboard platform. They are known as REVO System ambidextrous Banna Board.

There are many systems and you can find the good one by contacting visa phone on the help line or through customer services. Their assistance is always available for the customers.


Ergonomic keyboard platforms users prefer a continuous platform without moving parts. They are broad enough to have room for both keyboard and mouse, and they are extremely inflexible. Some of the models are designed to be installed for left / right hand use only. By using some tools you can change the left and right use options also.

It does not any matter that which type of the workstation / keyboard is under the use, Ergoware is able to provide you the ideal keyboard tray.


While working anywhere either you will working as standing or sitting. If you are working while sitting for long time then give a break by standing for some time to your back. A break at alternate times between standing and sitting provides a break to your back. The break decompresses the spine, reduces the need for big breaks and increases the productivity.

The keyboard systems mentioned below have many extensive features. They have extended height range for the users and they can have position of the keyboard trays above the work surface, and they can stand also while working.

You must find out the best selling pre-configured keyboard drawer systems. While buying make sure and have a look at the other computer ergonomic products also including Computer monitor stand, Computer monitor arms, Laptop privacy filters and many more.

Best Sellers The people who worked on a computer for three or more hours a day, the high-end keyboard tray can presents much more protection from different disorders like CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome).

You can buy the products from:

  • 1. ERS Keyboard Tray
  • 2. Switch & Click Keyboard Tray
  • 3. Swivel Mouse - below keyboard platform
  • 4. Rectangle Keyboard Tray
  • 5. Natural Microsoft Keyboard Tray TR-005CC
  • 6. Natural Microsoft Keyboard Tray with Swivel Mouse Below


An ergonomic keyboard platform might reduce muscle strain and reduce risk of Carla; Tunnel syndrome there is no clear evidence of benefit. After a user takes the time to adjust to this style of keyboard platform, these keyboards can make working faster, easier and less awkward