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Ergonomic Keyboard

You can find two type of ergonomic keyboards:


"Fixed-split keyboard" is divided into 2 or 3 groups and they allow the user to work at many angles than of the representative keyboard.

"Adjustable split keyboard" is that where the keyboard split into quite a few independent portions and the angle among them can be changed easily. Moreover, these types of keyboards might contain high sections on various angles.

Many ergonomic keyboards have vertically aligned keys, fixed on board and the user types with their hands upright on the ground of board while keeping thumbs-up. Some other keyboards provide a good range of rotary motions and elevations. But there are few ergonomic keyboards which do not have the typical keys which perform only one function; they are keyer or a keyless ergonomic keyboard. Data hand abolishes the need for the finger extension / wrist motion.

Zoom offered the following functions on the Keyboard so have a quicker look— It is quick and accurate with the instinctive Zoom characteristics.

Customizable Hot Keys

Customizable hot Key executes the common tasks such as opening of the documents / replying to the e-mails by touching a button.

Improved Number Pad

Improved Number Pad usually used for symbols like equal sign, left / right parentheses and "Backspace" are in the quick reach, just on top of the number pad.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design type provide the total comfort, ergonomic design provide the full support to the natural wrist and arm placement so you can work without stress or pain.

Device Stage

Devise stage provides quick and easy access to the common tasks like registration, product information, settings and some of the other popular devices such as printers, cameras, cell phones, mouse and keyboard and the webcam products.

Internet Hot Keys

Internet hot Keys are a one touch keys and with its help you can access the internet quickly.

Taskbar Favorites

You can have easily access to the programs with the taskbar key. It is the keyboard’s hot key. With its help you can rearrange by clicking and dragging and the keys will instinctively become accustomed to the new position.

E-mail and Internet Hot Keys

They keys perform with a touch button to get access to the e-mail and the Internet.

Multimedia Keys

You can control and access the media quickly with multimedia keys.

Lockable F Keys

You can lock the F keys.

Integrated Palm Rest

It provides good support to the palm rest.

Cutting-Edge Design

With this technology you can improve your work and performance. Ergonomic Keyboards are cost effective and have nay advantages.