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Ergonomic Joystick

Ergonomic Joystick is the assembly for the armrest. It supports the operator of heavy machinery. It helps to provide the protections from bracket to backrest and above the operator’s seat and on all sides. The ergonomic joystick supports the armrest. Many ergonomics joystick are available, some of them are as under:

  • Potentiometer Joystick
  • Joystick Cables
  • Joystick Controller
  • Ps2dual Shock Joystick
  • Joystick Wheelchair Controllers
  • Electrical Wheelchair Joystick Controllers
  • Ergonomic Joystick keyboard

The Ergonomic Joystick Keyboard combines the functions of keyboard and mouse in a new way. Due to fewer keys, it provides advanced logic of easy use which results in a good handling and increase the effectiveness.

Finally Really Ergonomic Writing

Joystick is a collective device of set of the 2 units, one for each hand. Both these units have the main keys area which is called the bridge. The thumb presses the access keys on the bridge with the corporation of the other fingers as striking the keys on the main area. The main key area contains all letters in a standardized way. In this combination the access keys are pressed by the thumb and the main keys area will produce figures and the special characters. The joystick-keyboard has fewer keys than a normal keyboard. Normal key board has 102 key while joystick keyboard ahs 66 keys only.

At the same time you don’t need more than two keystrokes to type any special character. You can place the set on the desktop or on the mounted chair’s arm rest. The user of the joystick-keyboard maintains an ergonomic position all the time with relaxed hands on the side. Additionally on the device you can be adapt as per your hand size and position.

Strongly Reduced Number of Keys

The ergonomic joystick-keyboard is entirely suitable for today's requirements in every day computer work. It provides a simple sequence of motion and you can control the hand position and mouse functions. Apart from letters, extra characters are not formed by increasing the number of keys on the keyboard. You can activate them with the help of special access keys. Only three additional access keys are able to perform the special characters functions.

The situation of letters keeps in touch to international standards, while the special characters are arranged on by their shapes. It makes much easier to locate the special characters / to keep their place in your mind.

This particular input device is not only suitable for the professionals writing in touch system without looking at the keys. You have to only place the input unit into a vertical situation to observe the key descriptions. In addition the display of the key is availably by using access key.