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Ergonomic Footrests

A study have proved that 70% of women and 40% of men faced health issues like varicose veins, blood clots and pressure on the Achilles muscle due to the pooling of the fluids into the lower limbs which results of lingering and long sitting. The foot machine has ball-bearing and the roller design give confidence and gentle rocking of the feet as a way of rocking chair. These rocking motions utilize most of the lower leg muscles. The foot machine execute as a standard foot rest, providing hold up for the legs and relieving stress on the lower back .

The ergonomic footrest specially designed to give the support to feet, keep comfortable, ease leg harms and reduce the lower back problems. Ergonomic footrests can help to avoid the blood clots, varicose veins and stress on the Achilles tendon which is caused by extended or long sitting and ease pressure on the back of the legs if the feet are not resting on the floor. A foot rest can provide a moderate reminder to sit all time in your chair. It allows the chair back to get a little strain and stress off from the back. Ergo Works' tenders different height and angle variable footrests which suit your special needs. The foot rests have:

  • 1. Rolax Ergonomic Foot Rest
  • 2. Solemate Plus Adjustable Footrest w/Gel Pad, 3-1/4 h to 4-1/4 h in Gray and Black color.
  • 3. 3M Contoured, Adjustable Foot Rest
  • 4. 3M FR530CB – adjustable footrest

If the feet are not touching the ground while you sit, you might be placing too much strain on the lower back and weaken the blood circulation.

Relax The Back's adjustable Footrests provide the support to your feet with the right angle to maintain muscle recreation and transmission. So with its help you can sit easily and feel comfortable.


A footrest platform is provided which can be kept horizontally towards and away from an operator, up / down fit to the operator, and angularly between the vertical and horizontal to provide a relaxed display place for the operator to rest the foot during operation of a piece of equipment, and optionally with an attachment for a foot pedal actuating tool. So the seated operator can control the foot pedal with either by foot while resting and the other foot on a foot rest of the present creation. According to some experiments it is found the physiological and perceptual problems ion the lower legs and feet are due to the prolonged sedentary work.