Atlassian Plugin Development

Everyone who can relate to the IT world will inevitably come across bug tracking systems, which are commonly known as bug-trackers or issue-trackers. We would like to talk about one such product which is considered to be one of the most popular tools for such purposes – Atlassian JIRA. In fact, Atlassian JIRA is more than just a bug tracking system. JIRA can be used quite extensively and includes features that can help you achieve your project management goals. In short, we can say that JIRA is a system that can be used to track the status of your tasks.

The tasks that Atlassian JIRA monitors can be different. They include, requirements gathering, testing, software development, etc. We know that some companies have even attempted to implement JIRA into their accounting system, probably trying to make it more agile.

The official Atlassian JIRA website boasts that JIRA is the best tool for not only putting together a plan for your project, but executing it. So, we would like to tell you why it is important to develop add-ons for JIRA.

Nowadays, the term, “optimization” has different global meanings. One such, being an opportunity to raise additional funds and/or to save time. As you know, the leaders of “optimization” software are JIRA and Confluence systems. It doesn’t necessarily matter how large your company is. What matters is how well you have adjusted your task management system to effectively manage your work processes.

Obviously it’s impossible to create a product that would be ideal for everyone. However, we have an obligation to meet our client’s needs and create customized solutions. That’s why Atlassian plugin development is so critical and has thus given us a way to cover all of our client’s demands.

Rozdoum has been working with Atlassian products for more than 7 years. This has given us not only the opportunity to compare all of JIRA’s products but to witness firsthand how fast Atlassian has grown and adapted in accordance with its client’s needs. There is always a need for new features and add-ons. However, as time moves forward, so does Atlassian. They continue to make a lot of qualitative changes due to the fact that most of their older software is no longer compatible with their latest versions. The reason for this is that the concept of the system changed or Atlassian added the necessary changes to the standard JIRA version.

On one hand, we need to develop fewer features than we did before, but on the other hand, users have more needs. Now, we can track dynamics when we cover the current user’s needs and change the moving force to meet new requests. For example, the necessity of JIRA integration with other systems such as GitHub or Streak.

Today, customers pay for the problem to be solved with a single click.  We understand this, and the internal processes within our team have been gearing up to meet our client’s needs and satisfy their desires.

One of the main directions Rozdoum has decided to take is the implementation of business-logic into Atlassian products, i.e. JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, HipChat etc, through customized plugin development. The methodology of our work helps create unique plugins that completely contain our client’s business logic. This means that our clients will not only get the tool that supports the required functionality, but will also receive a ready-to-use system that absolutely matches their business processes.

We said that it’s impossible to create a product that fully satisfies the needs and desires of any given client. However, an ideal product can be completely compensated through the development of add-ons. Nowadays, there are a lot of vendors and add-ons that can cover those needs and help you develop something unique. All you need to do is prepare the technical requirements and choose the right team of professionals that will realize this quickly and qualitatively.