4 Graphic Design Tips For Giving Your Logo A New Edge

In many respects, your company logo forms the face of your product or service; it is the image that existing and potential customers associate with you. If you have been looking at your company’s logo and have started to think that it isn’t exactly what you wanted, it could be time for a redesign. To save you the hassles of starting from scratch, use these graphic design tops to give your old one a brand new edge:

    • Strip it down – Why not take advantage of the fact that minimalism is the current ‘IT’ trend in graphic design and strip your logo down to the bare basics? It not only looks good – it really works, too! If you are still unsure about whether this is the move for you, just keep in mind that simple design are a lot easier to recognize than busier ones. If your current logo has a heap of elements crammed in, try toning it down a little.
    • Change the font – They say that a change is as good as a holiday, and the same is true for graphic design. If you like your logo but cannot tell what needs to change, swapping the font is a really subtle way of doing this. Plenty of logos have been created using a serif font because it appeals to older audiences and suggests that you want to be taken seriously. If your current audience is a bit younger, however, you could swap over to a sans-serif font.
    • Simplify the design – Before you start yelling at us about how this point is very similar to the first one, let us just say that this is the time to consider a completely new graphic design. If your existing logo is extremely busy and generic, you should try breaking the design down and working with it until you come out with something that is a little more unique. A modern logo also shows that you’re moving with the times.
  • Change the colours – People tend to associate colours with certain emotions, feelings and even objects. For example, blue is often seen as being welcoming, red as feisty or energetic, and green as natural. Changing the colours used in your logo could prove to be a subtle or a drastic change, but it could be exactly what your logo needed to generate success. You just need to stand out from the crowd a little more.

At the end of the day, it is important to remember that redesigning your company’s logo is actually a very timely thing. As long as you are sure that you are making the right decision, you should look at how the above graphic design tips can give your logo that edge it has been lacking all these years, hopefully pulling in more customers with its unique look.