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Beware of these 4 Website Design Trends for Your Cheltenham Business

Trends in websites come and go, just like trends in fashion or music. Some trends are driven by necessity, for example mobile friendly sites, while others are delivered by industry in response to a complex set of taste changes and ideas.

Beware of these 4 Website

When you are looking at your Cheltenham business website it is important to know that not all trends are worth your time. Sometimes new web design ideas are more flash than substance. How do you know which new trends are worth using for your Cheltenham business website? Take a look at our quick guide to what’s new, and what’s worth the design time.

  1. Hamburger Menus

The hamburger menu is easily identified – it looks a little like a stacked hamburger and it lives in the corner of the screen. It hides all the navigation for the page beneath it, and was developed as a response to the need for mobile friendly design, although it is now on all sorts of desktop websites too. It makes the page look a lot less cluttered but it can alienate people, says one of the Graphic Design Cheltenham experts. You need to know if your target audience will know to look under the menu for navigation – in many cases it leads to high bounce rates on landing pages as people do not immediately realise they need to access the site through the hamburger menu.

  1. Front Page Carousels

According to a Web design Cheltenham expert, while carousels on the front page are everywhere on the web they may not be suitable for your Cheltenham business. They are good to look at but they can make your site look just like your competitors. Carousels are not particularly good for SEO as they do not contain content. They may also work in a clunky way, slowing down your site which is bad for your Cheltenham business.

  1. Complex Screen Loads

It used to be the case that website front pages were equipped with a Flash load screen and counter that took forever to boot up. Nowadays, your visitors will exit your site quickly if they see something like that. If you need to load graphics and other elements, make the screen load interesting and as quick as possible.

  1. Confusing Typography

A lot of websites use too many typefaces and you end up with a cluttered site that looks confusing – not stylish as many people assume. Too many typefaces results in a less-than-streamlined site although you can use more than one and get a good result. It helps when you use fonts out of the same group although it also works if they instinctively look good together.