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Ergonomics - What is it?

Ergonomics is the combination of two Greek words; ergon which means work and “nomos” which means laws. This word is being used to describe the science of designing the job. All aspects from physical to environmental factors are covered in the ergonomics. The physical stresses include nerves, joints, muscles, tendons and bones while hearing, vision and general health is included in the environmental factors. The study of relationship between people and their workplace comes under ergonomics. The jobs of workers are matched according to their needs and abilities under ergonomics. It is important for the workers to perform their daily activities effectively. The workers have to perform important duties when they are more energized.

It is important for the workers to organize their workstation so that they have minimum reaching and twisting body. If you need to work in the standing position then you have to use a stand tool which keeps you in the standing position. It can help you to relieve strain from standing. The workers have to use a proper chair in order to have correct posture and access to their workstation like computer, keyboard and monitor. It is very important for the workers to keep on moving so they have to get and stretch regularly. They need to chose right and comfortable shoes and avoid to lift heavy weights.

The importance of the ergonomics has increased a lot especially due to increase in the respective strain injuries. The workers can be able to eliminate this risk by designing their workstation environment by using ergonomics. You can start it by having comfortable chair. The chair should be made according to ergonomics so that you can have best posture without trying. Your feet will remain flat with ankles at 90 in this position. The elbow should also be on 90 with which you can protect your back, shoulders, neck and arms from any muscular injury and pain.

You can also reduce chance of injury by having an ergonomics keyboard. You will not need to have stretch or flex your wrists while typing. The working environment and equipment is made user friendly in order to minimize the chance of injury. It can include anything from software to office furniture. The environment of working place is changed for the comfort of the workers. The seating position is corrected for the workers according to their job which can reduce RSIs. The arrangement of workstation ensures the short term as well as long term safety for workers. It can also help the companies to cut down amount which companies might have to pay out in damages. It is important for the companies to healthy and comfortable environment to their employees so that they can be able to put their maximum efforts.

Ergonomic Chairs


HAG Chairs are most likely as the ergonomically advanced chairs in any office or market now a day. HAG Chairs have the concept of good seating and better support with movement. HAG manufacturers are one of those companies who are on the forefront of manufacturing Health saving and Safety products. HAG Chairs are the one of the best product of HAG manufacturers. They are fitted with castors which have lock when someone gets up from the chair. They are able to supply seating of world class to the whole nation.

HAG chairs are available for different needs in many designs like:

  • HAG Ergonomics
  • HAG Operator
  • HAG Industrial
  • HAG Executive


Humanscale ergonomic chair are producing benefits to the manufacturers for years and just they have join the market with trademark of the chairs. These chairs are designed for tremendous comfort, strength, and prestige. This product provides the full prevention from injury. Humanscale chairs have been dexterity designed keeping in mind the human physiology. The main concept and important part of designing this chair is it related to the body size, shape and motion into it. Some names of the commonly used chairs are as under:

  • Humanscale Liberty Chairs in Blue Vellum
  • Humanscale Liberty Chairs in Red Vellum
  • Humanscale Freedom Chair in Black Vellum
  • Humanscale Freedom Chair Fully Loaded With All Options
  • Humanscale Freedom Chairs Fully Featured model
  • Humanscale Freedom Office Chair Fully Loaded
  • Humanscale Freedom Office Chair Fully Loaded in Leather.


Chairs are need of every one and they are found everywhere, either at home, at office, in the restaurant / hotel, a garden, a station or airport. You need them everywhere. These chairs are useful for all of us. Varier Chairs help the people to have good posture.

These chairs are made of Timber, Foam and Steel / metal. Varier Chairs are found in many designs and models. The below mentioned chairs are very useful:

  • Varier Gravity
  • Varier Move
  • Varier Move Small
  • Varier Multi Kneeling Chair
  • Varier Peel Club
  • Varier Peel Club II
  • Varier Thatsit without backrest
  • Varier Thatsit Kneeling Chair
  • Varier Variable Kneeling chair
  • Varier Wing Kneeling Chair and many more


Via seating are those chairs which reduced the back pain. Via Seating is a unique line of ergonomic chairs, each style is available in 277 different materials and leathers. They can be shipped within 2 working days. Many models are available in a wide range of seat sizes so they can accommodate the users of all sizes. Via seating offers a choice of adjustments and controls. Its styling options incorporate polish, the wooden chair bases, aluminum spoke casters and several arm choices. The entire mean is you can have eventual selection which allows you to choose a chair that fits your body with need of comfort, without compromising on style. Their designs are available on line. You can choose them from the website and quote them also:

  • Voss Mesh Back Task Chair
  • Via Heathrow Luxury Big and Tall Chair
  • Via Riva Drafting chair
  • Voss Mesh or Upholstered Back Guest Chair
  • Riva Ergonomic Task Chair
  • Via Heathrow Luxury Executive Chair
  • Voss Full Scale High or Mid Back Executive Chair